Fashion+Art :: Stop Motion Photos of An RL Vintage Collection

Fashion+Art :: Stop Motion Photos of An RL Vintage Collection

We stumbled upon this very interesting little video, which is a blurb for up-and-coming fashion retailer 67TRADE.  We’re not even sure what the brand will carry this Spring 2013, but we love the expressed interest in vintage Ralph Lauren that we see here already.  Directed by the entrepreneurial and intriguing Divine Bradley and produced by RL afficianado Polo Pirate, the  collection of stop motion photos show off a substantial amount of rare collector’s items and with excellent attention to detail, both creatively and musically.

For those needing a brief explanation, over the years a small but growing segment of the hip-hop community has evolved into a network of avant garde collectors of Ralph Lauren apparel valued at jaw-dropping amounts.  Dating back to the early 90’s, some of the classic americana Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters, or even hats, featured in this video can fetch a resale value of $1200 or more a piece (easily).  In putting together a complete outfit, one could really show their assets off quite nicely.

Spanning now into Europe and the Pacific Rim, collecting has turned to dealing of the sustainable and sought after pieces.  Considering the rarity of some of the lines featured here and the volume, we hope that 67Trade will build upon what we see in this artistic expression of the vintage Lo culture.

Stop Motion Photos of An RL Vintage Collection
Directed by Divine Bradley
Produced by Polo Pirate
Collectors: Cris.LO & Ulysses Pizarro

“Our mission is to unify the global vintage cultures to form an industry of long term trading and celebrating the brand that they love the most.”