Non-Fashion :: Wearable Art for Winter Accessories

Non-Fashion :: Wearable Art for Winter Accessories

We’re not necessarily a fashion site per se, but we can’t help it if we’re fashionable. It’s just as well if your favorite DJ is wearing something a bit tacky, but if you’re going to have some sense of music and art and you’re perusing through L|T|M then you probably have a tendency towards good taste.  To suit these needs, we polled our staff to see what their favorite accessories were for this winter, and are sharing some of the results with you – our refined readers.  The pieces below are functional and fashionable, and reminds us that it’s not about the price tag, it’s about the person wearing the price tag.

FAKE ROLEY by SHELTER SERRALimited edition Fake Roley by Shelter Serra in color combinations created exclusively for Helmut Lang. Made in the highest grade silicone. Slips over your hand with a slight stretch.


‘LUGGAGE PHANTOM’ Square Tote ( natural calfskin, featured below in grey/orange & burgundy) – The supple calf leather is offset with detailed accent and piping, as a rule Celine bags have their trim take center stage. This bag is extremely fashionable and wearable.


NARS ANDY WARHOL COLLECTION – Always offering the best in luxury cosmetics, the Nars line provides a take on the artist Andy Warhol and his work with their limited edition Andy Warhol Collection.  Hue options range from bold and bright, to dark and demure while allowing the art lover to wear it on their face.

$55.00 Self Portrait 1, Eyeshadow Palette | $18 Nail Polish in Superstar

DOPE 4 FINGER RINGThe original dope 4 finger ring in gold.  Per Dope Couture, “Warning: This ring is considered a weapon by some law enforcement. Do not attempt to take this with you through any security terminals. Use caution.”