Speek Up! The @speekapp Review

Speek Up! The @speekapp Review

The other day @speekapp tweeted me and asked if I’d like to check out their new app for free conference calls.  Now this was a bit of a conundrum for me because, as much as I like free, I equally dislike conference calls.  Actually, anyone who’s ever worked as an assistant to a group of luddites knows the pain of having to drag them onto a conference call.  That’s after you’ve done the leg work of finding a dedicated number and making sure everyone has the correct time and pin.

I was intrigued so I decided to download the app.  The first thing I noticed, it was easy.  Way easy.  In fact, I was already set up and in a conference call before I even knew what I did.  The app creates an account based on your facebook profile so, after you verify your phone number with a text, you’re good to go.

As you can imagine it's lonely conferencing with yourself. Making an event of my self conference.

Since I don’t need an app to talk to the voices in my head I decided to get some human interaction.  Options to add people to your call are pretty straight forward.  You can send a text or email with a link that notifies an attendee of the call.  The directions gives them the option of conferencing through their computer or their phone.  You can even make a calendar event that would give everyone the details.  After a few quick clicks the app will call the attendee’s number so there’s no fumbling around for pins or bridges.

The call was sharp and clear.  There was a bit of a delay when speaking but nothing that inhibited the flow of conversation.  The app even notified me when attendees entered my conference call so I could visually see how many people were in there before I joined myself.  Did I mention that the app was easy to use?  So easy that I maaaay haaaave resorted to a few prank conference calls.  Maybe.

They have pay and business options available for the mass talkers, though the free option works really well.  Plus, it will  make you look like a boss… to your boss.

Check them out at https://www.speek.com/