photo by Russell Baer

At the young age of 24, Michael B. Jordan is a successful working actor, and making a major impact as a humanitarian.  Born in southern California and raised in New Jersey, he aspired to be a model, and was destined to do and be more.   Landing his first role on CBS’ Cosby, Jordan’s credits also include HBO’s The Wire, ABC’s All My Children, and NBC’s Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.

Jordan’s charitable arm spans across several major areas.  With all of his organizations, he implores society to be more informed, because “sometimes just becoming aware is important enough to make a difference.”

He works with Help USA, an organization with sustainable initiatives.  Help USA provides homes, jobs, and support services for the homeless.  They offer green job training in green buildings, and build green homes for the homeless. They supply organic food education and garden development, to encourage healthier, nutritious habits.

One organization Jordan has recently committed his time and talent to is Falling Whistles (FW), a campaign for peace in the Congo to free children ripped from their families for war.  Seeking partners with vision, courage, sacrifice, capacity, and dignity, FW provides a broad range of services for victims and those affected by war.  There are five main partners to the FW campaign.  Abfek provides tailoring, hair care, and soap making skill development for victims of sexual violence.  Synergie offers medical and psychological care, legal support, and creates opportunities for victims to raise money while raising awareness.  Heal Africa monitors and supports over 600 children in Africa with HIV with nutritional supplements; also making their products at home from local resources, creating a sustainable environment and jobs within the community.  Soprop, is a rehab center for 200 war affected children in expression therapy, computer training, and human rights education.

The foundation closest to his heart is Lupus LA.  His mother has lupus, and “just knowing her struggle motivates me to help increase the knowledge about it and help find a cure for this disease.”  This organization supports patients and their families with workshops and information on how to get the best medical care, counseling, financial aid information for medical bills, and programs for youth living with lupus.

Starting the new year off with a bang, Jordan stars in two big films released in early 2012.  Red Tails, tells a story about soldiers in training at Tuskegee; and Chronicle is three high school friends who make a discovery, giving them supernatural powers.  Jordan is a force to be reckoned with in life and on screen, and feels “the most challenging aspect of my career moving forward is to continue this journey and fulfill expectations.”

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