Jet Set: Eco Chic Chicago

Jet Set: Eco Chic Chicago

 Jet Set: Eco Chic Chicago

by Nikki Lin for Coco Eco Magazine

Hotel Felix. The eco-friendly Hotel Felix presents an upscale and intimate luxury boutique hotel experience that blends a comfortable elegance with inspiring natural elements. In the works is a “Green Roof” project.  Hotel Felix delivers an enriching experience that not only benefits their guests, but the environment as well. Organic materials. Renewable resources. In a city known for its green initiatives, ithis is one eco-friendly boutique hotel that will enhance your stay and reduce our carbon footprint.

theWit. At the epicenter of the Chicago loop theWit, a Doubletree Hotel, exercises intelligence in its use of our environment. Building materials were sourced responsibly and recycling practices were employed during construction. Eco-friendly soaps and personal care products await the guests in their baths. One of the most innovative features is the lighting, designed by one of Chicago’s premier lighting design firms. They’ve built a range of lighting environments throughout the hotel to complement our cutting-edge architecture and vision.

Bistro Campagne.  Bistro Campagne is a warm and friendly neighborhood restaurant in the tradition of a true French bistro. The setting is a charming blend of prairie-inspired decor and lively Gallic spirit. It is the food, however, that is at the heart of a great bistro, and Chef Michael Altenberg offers a seasonally changing menu of classic bistro fare that is based on the best ingredients he can find. Bistro Campagne is committed to the use of organic food products and strongly supports the sustainable, low impact agriculture movement.

Bleeding Heart Bakery. The idea behind Bleeding Heart Bakery was to use local, organic and sustainable ingredients to provide amazing and thought provoking pastry that was as delicious as it was beautiful and cutting edge. Owners Michelle and Vinny have been featured on Chicago television shows 190 North and Hungry Hound.  Additionally, they have been featured in many major food publications, claimed countless awards and has also been featured on TLC.                                                               

Vintage Underground.  Vintage Underground is 3,500 square feet of vintage jewelry, clothing, antiques and collectibles, custom steampunk jewelry and accessories and other unique finds. Located in the fashionable Wicker Park area literally underground, those in the know peruse a mind-boggling selection in a wide price range. Vintage Underground specializes in costume jewelry and carry a huge number of styles from the mid to late 20th century.

Greenheart. Greenheart is Chicago’s premier eco-fair trade non-profit shop, carrying both fair trade and eco friendly products. Greenheart carries a variety of goods including recycled accessories and handbags, home goods, gourmet treats, cookbooks, glassware, jewelry, toys, personal care, organic cotton t-shirts and more. Greenheart believes consumers have the power to affect positive world change by supporting sustainable and fair business practices in their purchasing choices.