LISTEN :: Tom Misch [Beat Tape 1 & White Label: 008]

LISTEN :: Tom Misch [Beat Tape 1 & White Label: 008]

The provocatively unknown Tom Misch is gaining certain notoriety, in large part thanks to the highly regarded SoCal-based Soulection Radio (  Just recently, the very young and talented Misch pitched a double-header with the release of Beat Tape 1 and also an EP under Soulection’s White Label series.  Misch is 18-years young.

Beat Tape 1 features 20 unique tracks and  marks Misch’s first official release of instrumental beats, which combine elements of jazz, soul and groove.  The collection is not unlike his SoundCloud library; consistent quality which hearkens back to acts like Tribe, Dilla and more.  It’s difficult to believe that Misch offers instrumentals of his own, and has hand-crafted each track while he’s only been in the game for about 2 years.

Tom Misch – Beat Tape 1  (via Bandcamp)

Soulection Radio, which proclaims itself ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’, had this to say about their 3-track White Label: 008 Edition:

As we get ready for a busy summer, of spreading the sound of tomorrow across the globe, we can’t help but take a step back and bring all of you, that feel good, forward thinking music you know and love from Soulection. This installment of our White Label series comes from 18 year old London composer, songwriter, guitarist, singer & violinist, Tom Misch. We felt the need to list all of this in the description, because each track is such an audio masterpiece. This one is for everyone, but true fans of Dilla, and smooth, mellow, R&B inspired hip-hop beats, will definitely enjoy this release.

“Basically this EP is me attempting to make instrumentals that will effect people moods in a positive way but also make people think, all produced and recorded by myself in my bedroom. I’ve used a combination of obscure jazz samples but mostly live instrumentation that I’ve recorded, so I recored guitar, violin, bit of vocals and sound effects etc.” -Tom Misch

Tom Misch – Soulection White Label: 008 (via Soundcloud)

By the way, did we mention that his sister Laura is a musician as well?  That’s a whole other ball of wax.. (to be continued)