New Music :: De La Soul - "Get Away" [featuring The Spirit of the Wu]

New Music :: De La Soul – “Get Away” [featuring The Spirit of the Wu]

We really like how De La and Wu Tang are making some kind of sick ass come back as of late.  Or, you know what we meant – they for sure never left – but we have to wonder what the hell is really going on right now?  Whatever it is, we’re pleased..very pleased.. by this latest collaborative effort.

Today we get a taste of De La’s new upcoming LP You’re Welcome with the release of this first track, “Get Away”  Not only is it throwback to what some might call the Golden Era, but it combines two elements of hip-hop that we have yet to see come together this way.  If anything, our only complaint here is that there wasn’t enough.  With just the one 3-minute track to tease our palates we’re eager to hear what’s next, and most importantly who else is in on De la’s new project.  It seems we’ll have to wait until Fall to know the full story, but until then we’ll wait for more of these gems.

Check out “Get Away” below, featuring The Spirit of The Wu (do you like how everyone instantly understood what that was, without having to be told?).  Here is the direct link as well since it seems like SoundCloud is getting a ton of hits on this and we wouldn’t want you to miss out for any reason.