New Music: Dibia$e | "Looney Goons"

New Music: Dibia$e | “Looney Goons”

Ok.. so this is kind of a big moment for us right now.  We are geeked to some serious extent that Dibia$e [a.k.a Mr. Dibia$e] has released his new album “Looney Goons” on iTunes today.   At this point in the game, we can not offer you a free download (we know), but very highly recommend fans pay the cash.

To be honest, we didn’t know how we felt about the strongly obvious monetization of grimy experimental hip-hop as other avenues were always available instead of purchase before.   It didn’t feel right.  But, the 15 track release is actually well worth it and he deserves the credit.  The tracks “Cookbooks [Master Cheffin]” and “Bumps” are just a couple of our favorites at first blush.

Decadent mellow samples are adulterated with menacing beats and Dibia$e’s widely known Nintendo fetish.  And.. no guilt.  In fact, we almost misted up like a bridesmaid at a wedding writing this review.

Leading up to this good fortune, Dibia$e released a Tour Sampler full of tidbits on 04/20  and are only available for a limited time.

Here ya go:

 Free Download


And here are the tour dates..