New Music | Eric Lau: "One Of Many" [LP Stream]

New Music | Eric Lau: “One Of Many” [LP Stream]

Internationally known producer Eric Lau has been steady grinding, working with some of the music industry’s heavyweights (see: Lupe Fiasco) & talented underground artists (see: Guilty Simpson). Within his mind-numbing schedule, he’s hooked up with some new and familiar faces to bring forth his latest album, One of Many.

The London-based beat maestro seemed to have widened his spiritual scope, not to mention his collaborators list, to draw inspiration for his sophomore effort.

“The name of the album is One of Many. I had the title a few years back, it came from my growing understanding that everything in the universe is connected, and that I’m just one of many people on this planet, but together we the many make one,” Lau said. “The album features a number of people who also appeared on my debut album New Territories, since then we’ve all grown and become more experienced, and can more easily translate what we have in our heads into music.”

Lau’s 14-track endeavor takes listeners on a soulful roller coaster ride packed with some vibrant sounds and lush vocals to go with his already intricate productions which proves that while he is one of many, his music stands alone.

Take a listen below be sure to get your own copy of the LP when it drops June 17 via iTunes.