New Music :: "Lovesong" [Sammus]

New Music :: “Lovesong” [Sammus]

One of our favorite artists is at it again, with a standout lyrical performance in the recently dropped “Lovesong”.  The single is a reflexive thought experiment in which producer and rapper Sammus rhymes about the difficulties of putting the experience of love in writing. The vintage-inspired, uptempo track is Sammus’ first single off her currently untitled second project [May 2013], following the success of her critically acclaimed debut album “M’other Brain”  [June 2012] and a 12-track beat tape entitled “Reset” that was released in December 2012.

Says the artist, “It’s definitely a step in a different direction for me in a lot of ways, not only in terms of breaking conventions about the structure of a hip hop song, but also my focus on the rhyme rather than the beat.”  Sounds like it’s true that love takes work, and Sammus is definitely putting it in.