Music: Norah Jones, "Little Broken Hearts" - Free Listen on Sound Cloud

Music: Norah Jones, “Little Broken Hearts” – Free Listen on Sound Cloud

The title of the album says it all, and Norah Jones once again graces us with the indie jazz lull of her soft sanded voice.  Each track of “Little Broken Hearts” invariably follows the theme of a break-up, not a great one either, making for a story that’s well known.

It’s not very upbeat but it’s relatable and that paired with Jones’ vocal talents seems to make sense.  In a few of the tracks, stories of love gone wrong give listeners the feeling that some better choices could have been made.  Just maybe.  But, the tragic quality of the lyrics go well with the airy instrumentals.

The smooth production of “Little Broken Hearts” makes this album a nice one to own and pull out from time to time for some down-tempo mellow, and sometimes Cimmerian ambience.

Get it here from Norah Jones on SoundCloud.