Sir Richard's Condom Company | Doing Good Never Felt Better

Sir Richard’s Condom Company | Doing Good Never Felt Better

Sir Richard’s Condom Company | Doing Good Never Felt Better

Mathew Gerson brings a novel perspective to charitable effort as co-founder and CEO of Sir Richard’s Condom Company.  The company is not related to Sir Richard Branson or the Virgin Brand but does echo a similar note of global leadership through entrepreneurship.  Gerson’s deft response to a crucial need makes the world a safer place as for every condom purchased, one is donated to a developing country.

Sir Richard’s upholds that safe sex is a basic human right, and all individuals should have the opportunity to choose safe sex no matter what their economic conditions may be.

The inspiration for Sir Richards came from the life and work of Partners in Health Co-Founder Dr. Paul Farmer.  He was inspired to “start a social venture that addressed a specific social issue that was preventable, something that we could have a direct, tangible effect upon.”  He began research on the HIV Pandemic and discovered that there is this massive need-gap for free condoms globally.  Currently, Gerson is working with Partners in Health to distribute his product free of charge throughout Haiti.

Already, Gerson is working with Whole Foods Markets nationally to increase accessibility. Stores such as Paul Smith and Fred Segal carry Sir Richards Condoms as well as the WYNN hotel in Las Vegas.  Casa Hotel in New York features the fine product in every room setting the stage for more than just a pleasant stay.  The condoms are made of 100% natural latex and are consequently, vegan friendly.

“This is a purchase you should feel really proud about as you are protecting yourself and your lover, it is honorable,” states Gerson.  As the Sir Richard’s adage goes, “Doing good never felt better”.

-Nikki Lin for Coco Eco Magazine