Watch | J Dilla's Vinyl Collection on Fuse's "Crate Diggers"

Watch | J Dilla’s Vinyl Collection on Fuse’s “Crate Diggers”

Ever wanted to know what albums were in the legendary J Dilla’s massive vinyl collection? Or his selection methods? Well while some devoted fans might have a clue, the rest of us are getting an in depth look at how one of hip hop’s most revered producers got to that point.

In the latest episode of Fuse’s Crate Diggers, where vinyl owners tell the tales behind their extraordinary collections, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey helps celebrate the legacy of her son and the origins of his love for music.

In addition, some of late beat maestro’s  musician friends including J. Rocc, DJ Spinna, Frank Nitt and Grap Luva, give viewers a treat as they venture into Dilla’s storage locker, which has remained untouched since his death.

Check out the episode in the video below.